(c) Sportcenter Donaucity. Fußball WM 2018 im Sportcenter Donaucity

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Logo des FIFA World Cups 2018

World Cup live!

Watch the FIFA-Games live in the Sportcenter Donaucity!

If you are a sucker for soccer, you can enjoy all the games, sitting on the restaurant’s snazzy patio and sipping a beer (or more for that matter).

Visit the monster screen: 330 cm x 220 cm pure soccer pleasure and no excuse to skip your own games.

You can reserve a table at the restaurant Donau City Treff calling 01/ 263 273 8!

And if you like to test your own soccer skills: 01 269 96 30!

Screen: Screenz Led Technologies. 330 cm x 220 cm x 537cm.