Promo Shoots


the Sportcenter Donaucity is featured as location for different commercial shootings

we know that a well-made advertisement or movie segment needs a lot of preperation.
  • parking possibilites for vans, production vehicles or busses inside of area/close to filming location
  • power current for equipment/catering
  • rooms for make up, catering, retreat
  • self driving manlift
  • motif agreement
  • we know that not everything can be planned in advance and that flexibility is often needed.

Referenzen (Auszug)

Tausend Rosen, Swiss national football team , VW

David Alaba,
Adidas adizero F50

ParlezVousFrancais Marko Arnautovic | Media Markt | seminar room Green, Guesthouse

Zum Goldenen Hirschen
„nöm. Bleib frisch“

Hitradio Ö3 and the Red Cross
Team Österreich TV Spot

Bank Austria, Bet&Win, Edi & Adi 2008, Intersport, Kommisar Rex, Oberbank, UPC mit Robert Kratky, VW


  • Let there be light
    Let there be light
    Fiat Lux?! Wir bauen für Sie um, damit alles in neuem Licht erstrahlt. …dafür brauchen wir ein wenig Zeit. Die Sandhalle wird von Montag 12. August 2019 bis Mittwoch, 28.8.2019 gesperrt sein. In dieser Zeit werden umfangreiche Renovierungs- und Erhaltungsarbeiten durchgeführt. Ein guter Boden will gepflegt sein...
  • YoungCaritas LaufWunder 2019
    YoungCaritas LaufWunder 2019
    LaufWunder 2018 Caritas LaufWunder. Here we go again! Thousands of kids are going to run for the Good Cause. It is not about winning. Its about the  joint commitment of helping kids that are not so privileged. Supporting low-income families in Austria and in the Ukraine, Austrian...
  • Casinos Austria Integration Football Championship
    Casinos Austria Integration Football Championship
    Sport speaks every language! On May 4th 2019 the  Casinos Austria Integrationsfußball Turnier takes place in Sportcenter Donaucity. 30 teams from all over the world are going to compete against each other. And who will take the trophy back home? The Finals (15.8.2019) will show! Homepage:


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