YoungCaritas LaufWunder 2019

Caritas Laufwunder Screenshot
LaufWunder 2018

Caritas LaufWunder.

Here we go again! Thousands of kids are going to run for the Good Cause.

It is not about winning. Its about the  joint commitment of helping kids that are not so privileged.
Supporting low-income families in Austria and in the Ukraine, Austrian kids learned about their own ability to help. And they enjoy it.

LaufWunder in Wien

Wednesday, 22. Mai 2019
Thursday, 23. Mai 2019
Place: Sportcenter Donaucity, Arbeiterstrandbadstraße 128, 1220 Wien
All info materials:
The team of Sportcenter Donaucity is looking forward to this great event!


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Arbeiterstrandbadstrasse 128
1220 Wien
+43 (1) 269 96 30